Adoption Information

Adopting a rat from us is not difficult. We like a chance to get to know you and to determine the right fit for your family. If interested in adopting from us, please look over our available adoptables and fill out our adoption application (link) (keep in mind not all rats may be listed on Petfinder!)

Our adoption fee is $50 per rat (if spayed/neutered), $15 per rat if it cannot be spayed/neutered due to age or other concerns. This may seem high, but please keep in mind our rats are vet checked and spayed or neutered, making them much healthier, happier pets, and we ask less than what we pay for these surgeries (for more info on the benefits of spay/neuter, see link).

The value for what you are getting - a healthier, happier pet without supporting the rodent mills and backyard breeders that fuel the pet shop trade, plus saving a life and opening up space for others in need - is well and beyond what we ask in terms of an adoption fee. It doesn't even come anywhere near to covering our expenses, we assure you!

Rats must be adopted in pairs unless joining resident rats, as rats are highly social animals and need company. CTRR rats WILL NOT be sold as feeders, for laboratory use, or for breeding. Our rats are companion animals only.

Surrender Information

If you need to discuss surrendering your rat to us, please fill out the requested information here.

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The process to adopt a rat from CTRR

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How you can help!

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Introduce Your Rats

Making sure old and new rats get along!

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